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About Latina Cares

Experienced professionals who care.


We have been providing funeral and cremation services to the Latino community in the Denver Metro area since 1998.  We focus on our culture and the traditions of your family.

Previously located at 6601 E. Colfax Ave we moved to 3020 Federal Boulevard in 2011. Our location is conveniently located at Speer and Federal Boulevard.

Our caring and bilingual staff has over 20 years of experience.  We are committed to providing your family the highest level of quality service.

Below are just some of the reasons we are chosen by families of the community.

  • Experienced planning advisors who speak both English and Spanish. We empathize with every situation families may experience in this special time. Because we share your Latino heritage, we will suggest ways to say “goodbye” that are appropriate
    and meaningful.
  • International shipping services and experience in working with different consulates including the Mexican Consulate.
  • The widest range of options tailored to your wishes and budget.

We invite you to call us (303) 996-0701 at any time.