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Preplanning Brings Families Together

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El espíritu de unión nos ayuda a sanar. Nothing is more important than a family’s love for one another. During difficult times, it’s important to be there for the people that you love, and who love you. However, we don’t usually plan for our own funeral services. This means that when the time comes, your family will be unprepared. Your loss will be difficult enough, but on top of it, your family will have to plan and pay for your funeral.

Preplanning your own funeral arrangements can be one of those difficult times. Thinking about your own funeral can feel overwhelming. There are many things to consider, and it can feel hard to know where to start.

But a funeral is itself an act of love. It is a time for family to come together to grieve as one, and to express love for the one they’ve lost, one final time. When you preplan your own funeral services, you give your family a gift. And when you involve your family in the preplanning process, you can lean upon them for support, and find inspiration for your final goodbye.

Funerals Are For Families

A funeral is a time for family and friends to gather to remember their loved one. But it is also an opportunity for family and friends to heal. The fact is that they are the ones that will experience your funeral. So they might have some ideas about how your funeral services can help them move forward on the path toward healing.

As you begin the funeral preplanning process, gather your closest family and friends together and ask them what they will need when the time comes. What will be most comforting to them? Remember that little details might be the most meaningful, like songs or scriptures that remind them of you, or photographs of you that they treasure.

As you begin to exchange ideas, you might find that the preplanning process becomes easier for everyone. Being open about funeral planning can help remove the fear and uncertainty that many people feel when they think about losing someone close to them. A funeral is an intimate thing. Your services will represent your final goodbye to those you love. Including your family in preplanning can help everyone feel closer, and more open to ideas.

Your Family Can Help Personalize Your Funeral Services

We believe that everyone’s funeral services should be a reflection of their unique personality. You might already have ideas about how to make your services your own. But your family can add more insight, and bring up ideas that you might not have thought of without them.

If you are feeling unsure about a certain detail, or if you can’t choose between two or more options, your family can help you decide. For example, if you have chosen traditional burial but are unsure which outfit you’d like to be buried in, your family might have a favorite outfit they love seeing you wear.

Your family is also familiar with your passions and hobbies, and might have ideas about how you can incorporate them into your services. For example, if you love to garden, your family might associate you with a particular flower. Because of this, that flower is especially meaningful to them, and would be a source of comfort during your funeral services. If they hadn’t been there to suggest that, you might have never known.

Your Family’s Love Will Support You As You Preplan

 The truth is that it can be hard to think about your own funeral services. During difficult times, it’s best to have your family close by so that you can turn to them for support and love. Simply having someone’s hand to hold as you plan your funeral arrangements can be invaluable.

This support won’t just be valuable to you. Your family might also begin to feel a sense of closure or peace. When the time comes, your loss won’t feel as much of a shock, and they will know what to expect. They will be free to grieve, and they won’t have to worry about planning a funeral. All they will have to do is call us.

Go en paz.

As members of Denver’s Hispanic communities, we feel a deep responsibility to help its families through some of their most difficult days. We are here for you and your loved ones, and our staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Llámanos al (303) 996-0701.

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